Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why me?

Are you one of our special blood group donors? Are you one with group Rhesus negative blood or Bombay blood group? Are you irritated with the blood bank staff who seem to be harassing you to donate blood at the most inappropriate times? Have you ever wondered “WHY ME?” Then this article is dedicated to you, our precious rare blood group donors.

Contrary to popular belief, blood groups are not only divided based on the ABO grouping (groups O, A, B & AB) and Rh grouping (positive & negative), although a vast number of our population fall easily into these groups. There are many other sub-groups and grouping methods employed which divides humans blood groups into more than 300 types! And some of these are pretty rare to find.

We also hardly get patients with such groups either so keeping stock of such blood is a waste if the blood bag expires before use. Therefore we resort to keeping a contact list of our rare blood group donors and we contact you when there’s a patient in need of your rare blood. We understand that you may sometimes be busy or held up, but do take a moment to answer the phone, to tell us your predicament. We are calling because a life is at stake, a life only you may be able to save.

Which brings us back to YOU, our rare blood group donors. YOU are unique, YOU are special. YOU have been born with the ability to help others in need by simply donating your precious blood. YOU are gifted.

This article is a tribute to all our registered rare blood group donors, it is our way of saying: “THANK YOU”.

And to everyone else, don’t be surprised if you were to get a call from us one day informing you that you too are “special”.

By Dr Yabitha